IVITECH is a global fintech platform for directing targeted financing towards capital-intensive sectors that have no access to traditional financial instruments
IVITECH is a global startup designed to provide financing to different economic sectors. In the current economic climate, many promising projects often have no access to the tried-and-tested financial instruments. Using effective product launch strategies, our experts select economic sectors and implement the necessary financing mechanics into the most capital-intensive projects.
How it works
Develop and launch
a product
Make a transfer
to a bank balance
The customer gets
the financing
Find an industry to finance
Create a unique industry assessment model
Economic sectors
Coming soon
Coming soon
Product-backed finance for online merchants

Alternative fuel
Coming soon
Financial system
for taxi company
Artem Moskalev
Having worked for 10 years at a commercial bank, Artem started out as analyst and worked his way up to managing director. His areas of expertise include factoring company development, fundraising
Oleg Perevispa
Over 12 years of experience in factoring. In 2014, Oleg created ABsolution, an independent factoring company. Areas of expertise include launching the first "outsource factoring" model in Russia.
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